Gentlemen, at Orchard Family Dental, we emphasize that dental examinations and treatments are equally vital for you. According to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), men lose an average of 5 teeth by age 72, a number that escalates to 12 for smokers. To safeguard your oral health, here’s essential information to keep in mind.

Understanding the Basics
Men are predisposed to periodontal (gum) disease more than women. Additionally, men face a higher risk of oral and throat cancers, along with a tendency to lose more teeth. Alarming statistics from the AGD reveal that 45% of men surveyed felt dental visits were unnecessary. Regular visits to Orchard Family Dentistry can aid in early problem detection.

Identifying Risk Factors
Certain medications directly impact dental health, while others induce dry mouth, reducing saliva flow crucial for enamel strength. Tobacco use, including electronic cigarettes, heightens the risk of oral cancer. Mouthguards are advisable for sports enthusiasts, especially those engaged in contact sports. Limiting acidic and sugary drinks can help prevent decay.

Combatting Periodontal Disease
Men are particularly susceptible to periodontal disease, characterized by plaque buildup leading to gum inflammation. Left untreated, it can escalate the risk of strokes, heart attacks, and diabetic complications. Symptoms like red, bleeding, or sore gums warrant prompt dental evaluation and treatment by our experienced team.

Home Oral Care Practices
While regular dental visits provide thorough examinations and cleanings, daily at-home oral care is indispensable. Brushing twice daily for two minutes using appropriate toothpaste and flossing are cornerstone habits. Maintaining good oral hygiene reduces the risk of decay and disease, complementing professional dental care.

Prioritize Your Dental Health
Taking proactive steps, such as reducing sugary drinks, quitting tobacco, and staying updated on medications during dental visits, significantly contributes to maintaining optimal oral health. Consistent dental check-ups at Orchard Family Dental are fundamental for preserving your radiant smile.

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