The most frequent reason that we visit our dentists is to receive preventative care. These procedures help to maintain our oral health by cleaning, polishing and preventing decay. After this visit, the most common is done for cosmetic treatment. Cosmetic treatments are becoming easier, more affordable, and more available to patients from every walk of life. Regardless, certain people still experience some degree of concern when it comes to receiving dental care. These individuals can rest easy; every year introduces, more minimally-invasive approaches to the list of cosmetic treatments available.

Using Conservative Care To Improve Your Smile

Clear aligners, new dental whitening techniques, and cosmetic bonding are among the biggest attractions to cosmetic dental care. Each of these treatments provides new opportunities for resolving patients’ aesthetic concerns. They stand apart from traditional treatments, focusing on preserving healthy tissue while still achieving their goal. Below is a list of conservative cosmetic treatments available on the market today.

  • Dental Whitening – “Pearly white” is a common phrase that describes what most people perceive as beautiful teeth. Dental whitening works to eliminate the staining on the enamel that produces discoloration. The professional treatments take 30 minutes or so and can improve the color of your teeth by one or two shades.
  • Clear Aligner – These are a relatively new orthodontic appliance form that significantly improves over traditional braces. They are nearly invisible, can be removed for up to 2 hours a day, and work as effectively as traditional braces for most orthodontic treatments.
  • Dental Bonding – Using a special composite restoration material, dental bonding lets you restore the form and function of your teeth. The material can be modified to match the coloration of your natural teeth. The result is a beautiful smile that looks as natural as the real thing.

It’s important to retain as much healthy dental tissue as possible when aiming to preserve persistent oral health. While our oral cavity contains multiple tissues, organs, and structures, they aren’t there in isolation. Every element of our dental health is connected to every other element, forming a cohesive system that relies on all its components to maintain lasting oral health. Losing a tooth can remove the necessary support from the neighboring teeth, allowing them to shift out of position. Gingivitis can impact the health of the gums, which in turn can impact their ability to support healthy teeth.

Speak To Your Dental Provider About Aesthetic Options

Your dental professional will be able to provide you with the necessary information to understand the options available to you. During your visit, they’ll go through the state of your oral health, discuss treatments that can improve the beauty of your smile, and build a treatment plan to reach your desired goals. It all starts by having a consultation with your provider and reviewing your cosmetic treatment options today!

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